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The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 (FCA): Purpose and Implications

The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 (FCA): Purpose and Implications

RPL is an integral part of the skills development process as it is the ideal tool to assess competence and pave the way to training interventions that lead to qualifications.
In the first four years of the new South Africa, 2,5 million South Africans were given permission to own about 4,2 million firearms. Between 1994 and 1998 the number of murders committed with firearms rose from 42% to 49%. The number of illegal firearms is unknown, but the South African Police Service recovered more than 14 000 in 2003. The FCA was approved by cabinet on 2 April 2003 to replace the outdated Arms and Ammunition Act 75 of 1969.

The FCA’s stated purpose is to:

    • Enhance the constitutional rights to life and bodily integrity
    • Prevent the proliferation of illegally possessed firearms and, by providing for the removal of those firearms from society and by improving control over legally possessed firearms, to prevent crime involving the use of firearms
    • Enable the state to remove illegal firearms from society, to control the supply, possession, safe storage, transfer and use of firearms and to detect and punish the negligent or criminal use of firearms
    • Establish a comprehensive and effective system of firearm control and management
    • ensure the efficient monitoring and enforcement of legislation pertaining to the control of firearms

The Challenge

When assessing, the challenge the FCA would present, SASSETA sketched the following scenario:
From 2005 to 2008, the firearms legislation requires existing firearm owners to renew their firearm licences. There are an estimated 2,5 million licensed firearm owners in the country.
They will need to renew their licences according to their birth months, matched to a specific year. So, those born in January, February and March must renew in 2005, those born in April, May and June in 2006, and so on.


Extention of Accreditation:


At the Sasseta Board Meeting held on the 28 September 2007 it was agreed that Persas Protection cc received extension in scope to include the following training courses or interventions:

  • Handle and use a handgun.
  • Handle and use a self-loading Rifle or Carbine.
  • Handle and use a manually operated Rifle or Carbine.
  • Handle and use a shotgun.
  • Handle and use a handgun for business purpose.
  • Handle and use a manually operated rifle or carbine for business purpose.
  • Handle and use a self loading rifle or carbine for business purpose.
  • Handle and use a shotgun for business purpose.

Training Services:

  • Specialized and advanced training in the handling of fire-arms.
  • A support service for the acquisition of firearm licenses.



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